Your Doctor's Role

People who get sick from their medication can frequently become angry with the doctor who prescribed the medication. Lawyers often hear statements like “Really, how could the doctor not know that I could get cancer from this medication? Or worse, once I got cancer, and asked the doctor if it could be caused by the medication, he said no!”

The problem is that your doctor did not know the dangers of the medication. That’s what your lawsuit is all about. The manufacturer of the drug ran all the tests and reviewed all the data. The pharmaceutical company is the one that should have known that the drug could cause cancer.

Your doctors rely on information provided by the pharmaceutical companies when they prescribe medications. It is unrealistic to expect doctors to review clinical data of every drug they are considering prescribing and make their own determinations as to which side effects the drug could cause. Instead, our doctors have to rely on the information provided to them.

Your doctor prescribed a dangerous drug for you and told you it wasn’t dangerous because that is what he believed. The pharmaceutical company lied to him too.

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